Captain Michael Zweifel was the head of the coverup as shown in Joseph Millers statement about Lakisha Lee's statement. entitled 6 wks late!AhY6UcgPUIr1jCoZzeca9w0n9mXh?e=T4BYv7


Mr Bodell secretly recorded Zweifel here getting him to ask for the edited audio fies and asking Zweifel for an explanation why extra cars without video are sitting in the parking lot instead of out getting cameras installed.


Here is Mr Bodell's reply to his request with the files and an explanation how he secretly recorded hin to connect him to the coverup of the edited audio files.!AhY6UcgPUIr1jzD6UxezE3tUPCs8?e=CJ78dV


Here are the excerpts from the original that weere released to Mr Bodell to defend himself with. The missing parts will be described. THE PARTS THAT ARE MISSING ARE THE _PAETS THAT WOULG GET THEM SUED BIG TIME


Brian Glenn walked up to the car not asking if he was ok n 10 degree weather or determining that he was the driver oh had committed any crime nor was suspected of, 

(Without determining he was connected of a crime or driving, his demand for a drivers license was a violation of rights)  and stranded on the side of the road and demanded his drivers license to which he replied “I don't drive, I have a head injury and my mind does not work so well anymore”.

 so again he demanded a drivers license, Mr Bodell gave him his name and address.

Brian Glenn seeing that the Brain injury and his continual demand for a drivers license was getting him agitated

Without even checking out the information he again demanded a drivers license.

then the first recording starts!AhY6UcgPUIr1jzfw3mK2BSpkDjhg?e=YsbbXX


That recording conveniently ends as Brian Glenn demands Mr Bodell open the door.

When Mr Bodell would not he started to try to get him to confess he was driving dui. At his time he said he was not going to answer any more questions.

Brian Glenn continued to demand he confess to DUI (second violation of rights). Brian Glenn walked away from the car as he saw that he had gotten Mr Bodell extremally upset and began talking to somebody on the radio here!AhY6UcgPUIr1jziH-qjYHOA_J8kt?e=wcjuN5


Then it again as they got him on the ground and began beating him kneeing and beating directly to the lower sine where he was permanently injured. As part three starts, Brian Glenn is breathing very heavily from the effort he put into the blows to The lower back of Mr Bodell's Skull!AhY6UcgPUIr1jzmdMN6JmIC6FdiD?e=qZr8Gg


You mow see why they edited the original single file


Incase you missed this, turn up the volume, here is Brian Glenn asking his superior Sgt Joseph Miller, to take Mr Bodell to the hospital. Joseph miller with ZERO medical school and not even being there for the exam, decided that the medics didn't know what he was talking about and diagnose bleed and saying"FUCK HIM" denying hi medical care and sentencing him to death.!AhY6UcgPUIr1jzumBo--EZxdwjYa?e=AT9GYE




Neither Brian Glenn Nor Joseph Miller told the jail, or entered it into their reports that mr Bodell had a head injury. When Mr Bodell had seizures  and sent to the hospital twice for seizures but again never treated for the head injury




Zweifel was in the Alaska State troopers series on TV


Alaska State Troopers S4 E10 Armed and Squatting - Just Alaska


Alaska State Troopers S03e13 Alaskan standoff


Zweifel was involved in the shooting of a man here


Zweifels linkedin page


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Alaska State Troopers Soldotna Alaska

(907) 262-4453 (907) 262-2889 46333 Kalifornsky Beach 99669