unemployed wanna-be musician From Kasilof Alaska living off his wife's monthly income check.

Eric Haddock from Kasilof Alaska befriended Robert Bodell and Mr Bodell would arrange his shopping with Eric's shopping and pay for the gas. He gave Eric 15 dollars each time or about three gallons or about 50 miles. The trip to town and back was 15 miles.  That amounts to about $10 extra each time. 

So when he was having trouble paying all the bills, he asked Eric to be on his bank account so maybe he could help manage his money. 

Eric was supposedly his friend until Mr Bodell looked at his bank statement with bank officials to find out where his money was going.. When Eric had done no work for several months he saw that eric had charged 160 dollars in cell phone repairs and 25 dollars at 25 dollars at Subways in Anchorage. That $25 dollars at subways, represents two sandwiches for him and his wife, not just one single sandwich. And why 160 dollars for cell phone repairs when he was not to charge  anything to hid account unless it was for Mr Bodell or a cash withdrawal for labor. H had many questionable charges when he neither shopped or helped him. 

His statement was that it was money owed to him but he could not produce a record of work done and what he collected.

It wasn't the money that broke Mr Bodell's heart, it was that he felt that Eric was the one true friend he could count on when he realized Jody Dunn was going to let him die, for emergencies. That is why he also paid for his cell phone too, so he would have reliable service over his previous account. 

Mr Bodell would have paid for the $160 cell phone repair if it was necessary to stay in contact with him, but it wasn't Eric's Cell phone that was broken because Mr Bodell was regularly in contact with him. IT WAS HIS WIFE'S CELL PHONE.

Mr Bodell was wiping tears from his eyes as he told me about Eric. It was so sad. He thought Eric was his one true friend.