Jody Albert Dunn


Jody Dunn  is a wannabe biker who lured a guy named Robert Bodell, A 72 year old  man living alone to Alaska with the promise off an acre of land because they thought of him as family and waned him to live next door.  How wrong thar is ……….


Mister Bodell decided that since he wasn't going to be around long,  so he put the land in Jody's name with a verbal life estate. HE ALSO MADE Jody BENEFICIARY TO HIS RETIREMENT FOR EARLEY 300k AND HIS PERSONAL POSSESSIONS


.After the Alaska State Troopers beat Mr Bodell, Jody became his PCA and was responsible for caring for him. As Mr Bodell's health worsened his care for Mr Bodell lessened. The sooner Mr Bodell died the sooner he would have the Money. At one point Mr Bodell was introduced into the hospital for among other things, malnutrition 


As Mr Bodell's health lessened so did Jody Dunn's care until Mr Bodell was finally taken to the hospital for among other things malnutrition. 


When Mr Bodell asked Jody for the seven meals a week PCA services allowed him instead of two or three he actually delivered, he told Mr Bodell that He would evict him and send him to die prison the next day when Mr Bodell called his boss Bert at consumer Direct in Kenai Alaska he just said okay and didn't say anything about a new PCA. After  2 or 3 months without PCA services somebody at the VA accidentally let it slip that Jody had told Bert but Mr Bodell had pulled out a gun and put it to his head but he didn't bother to mention that he never went to the police to come take Mr Bodell's gun because if he did, it would be filing a false police report. This caused him to be refused further PCA services.


After he was found out Judy called on his buddy LJ Ford to make sure that anybody who reached out to Mr Bodell would not care for him so he would be trapped in a cabin 8 mikes from town unable to walk with no way to get food and medicine so he would die faster. 




At one point he was arrested for attacking his step son with a baseball bat. He was not allowed to come home for an extended time.

Jody's wife left him 


Here is a 2018 email showing Jody was on mr Bodells will and why he wanted to starve him to death.


Robert Bodell <>

Tue, Jan 16, 2018 at 4:23 PM

Robert Allen Bodell
DOB 05/27/1949
SSN xxx-xx-xxxx


#1 anybody who contests will is exempt from proceeds of the estate. If Timothy Dunn contests the will, the money will go to his father Jody Dunn to use as he sees fit.
#1a Disinherit Daryll Stillwell (my Son)

#2 Anybody who claims my body or pays for a funeral is exempt from the proceeds of the estate. If you can afford that, you don't need my money and god already has what he wants..

#3 Recently Timothy has been having some psychological problems which he refuses to deal with. Until such time he sees a doctor, is cleared by the doctor AND Jody Dunn, Jody will have full control over the estate. Once the doctor and Jody determine that the negative traits have gone, Jody may turn the entire estate over to Timothy to do as he wishes as long as the money remains in a zero risk account.

Jody may charge the estate whatever is necessary for Timothy's care including food medicine shelter and Jody's time and aggravation.

Any remaining income should go into a savings account for emergencies.

#4 ESTATE includes house all contents and possessions already located on land owned by Jody and Timothy Dunn.
Bank accounts at ALASKA USA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION ACT# 170 004 614 838 4 MEMBER NUMBER 4618838

KEY BANK ACT # 726112024708  located in Soldotna, AK
Proceeds from my retirement account with NY LIFE retirement policy #75 653 654
Any and all other accounts, items or possessions with the exception of monies from lawsuits.That will go to Jody Dunn.



The money from my NY LIFE account should go into a ZERO RISK retirement account for Timothy Dunn.

#8 In addition I would like Jody Dunn to be able to initiate and collect on law suits in my name.

#9 with the exception of #7 Jody dunn may change or add anything to ensure the health and welfare of Timothy Dunn.

#10 Power of attorney for Jody Dunn





Judy wants to be guitar player and a terrible ass karaoke singer at local bars.

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